İstanbul Çarşı

One of the group's brightest establishment shines under İstanbul Çarşı brand.

The first foreign capital and top brand in Azerbaijan on retailing construction materials with a born date of 1994. İstanbul Çarşı was marked as one of the first foreign capital companies in Azerbaijan after the Foreign Capital Law is declared. Company has introduced Azerbaijani construction industry next generation of retailing. After a short period of time, company grew aggressively and launched its building envelope servicing and engineering business unit.

İstanbul Çarşı, today operates under two main areas in Azerbaijan. In addition to distributing and marketing of well-known global brands in Azerbaijan such as Henkel and G-U, company offers building envelope services. 

İstanbul Çarşı delivers high caliber building envelope solutions with track record of dozens of accomplished projects in Azerbaijan. 

İstanbul Çarşı is the sole distributer and marketer of well-known global brands in the country. 

İstanbul Çarşı is the exclusive distributor of represented brands.

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