Fatsa Dış Ticaret

Fatsa Dış Ticaret has mastered in international trading,  procurement and logistics.

Being group’s trading, procurement and logistics fortress, Fatsa Dış Ticaret obtained distributorships from well known global brands.

Alucon Group performs the quickest logistics operations, thanks to its agile project management skills and organizational ability. Alucon Trading (known as Fatsa Dış Ticaret) has mastered in logistics and operations in the last decades while providing logistics solutions to complex multinational supply demands.

Alucon Trading easily differentiates itself from the competition with its uniquely fast logistics processes while providing the most efficient procurements. Alucon Trading’s expert quality engineers supervises the entire process under Alucon Quality Management System. Each process gets assigned to a specific Quality Engineer in AQMS to ensure international quality standards are met as well as specific client demands from production to client delivery end point.

Fatsa Dış Ticaret, offers end-to-end procurement solutions with well known global brands.

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