About Us

ALUCON GROUP has been established from a deep heritage within the construction industry.

Roots of the group goes back to 1960s, when the first generation of the family started construction materials trading bussines. Since then, group has expanded its businesses across new geographies and new sectors. Alucon brand, today, carries the promise of delivering ultimately excellent projects all around the world, thanks to its world class team and agile management philosophy. 

Today, the group is managed by the 3rd generation of the family and operates in a much more dynamic manner more than ever. The new blood of 3rd generation brings agility, ability to follow latest trends across industries and high performance project deliveries.

One of the group's brightest establishment shines under İstanbul Çarşı brand – the first and top brand in Azerbaijan on retailing construction materials with a born date of 1994. İstanbul Çarşı was marked as one of the first foreign capital companies in Azerbaijan after the Foreign Capital Law is declared. Company has introduced Azerbaijani construction industry next generation of retailing. After a short period of time, company grew aggressively and launched its building envelope servicing and engineering business unit. Since then, company has delivered world class exterior facade projects in Azerbaijan and has been contributed to country's next generation property development. 

While İstanbul Çarşı grew in Azerbaijan, a sister company which was incorporated in Turkey, Fatsa Dış Ticaret has mastered in international trading,  procurement ang logistics. Being group’s trading, procurement and logistics fortress, Fatsa Dış Ticaret obtained distributorships from well known global brands such as Henkel and Gretsch Unitas. 

In the last decades, other successful sister companies emerged within the group and their success stories have expanded well beyond. Today, Alucon’s dynamic leadership team is gathering all operations under Alucon Group parent brand. Leadership team is aiming to achieve more efficiency while maintaining agility and flexibility. Alucon Group is able to perform construction, building envelope and property development projects simultaneously across several countries. Alucon Group, is conducting services from designing to installation and implementing solution partnership with the leading companies in the world. Therefore,  it is able to offer specific solutions for complex architectural projects by utilizing international solution partners.

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ucon Group strictly follows BIM standards for design and the team natively uses modern architectural softwares.

Alucon Group’s  world class team is split to two major disciplines; design and implementation: i) Design team includes more than 35 engineers and architects who are particularly the experts of their own practice area and contributes to Alucon’s Excellence philosophy on the front line. ii) Implementation team also teamed up from the most agile, dynamic and goal oriented talents around the world. This team functions as field performers and accomplish high-quality installations where clients are impressed with their Agility all the time.

Alucon Group possesses an innovative perspective in the facade sector and closely tracks the latest enhancements and developments in the world.

Alucon Group is committed to consistently improving itself and associating its experience with the latest modern technologies. Alucon Group always focuses on proposing the quickest, the most suitable and most cost-effective solution in accordance with the demand of the clients. Therefore, Alucon Group’s vision is standing by our clients and solving their most complex problems with the most accurate solutions.

Alucon Group prepares excellent plans that ensure delivering projects on time and on budget.

Alucon Group’s mission is to achieve ultimately precise projects worldwide. Each group company is committed to deliver, get organized and respond fast. Organizational speed and ability of the company assures the fastest results with excellence on the field. Clients quickly moves forward to next steps of their own projects stress-free while investors and end consumers benefit their properties or assets with the quicker return. 



Alucon Group performs the quickest logistics operations, thanks to its agile project management skills and organizational ability. Alucon Trading (known as Fatsa Dış Ticaret) has mastered in logistics and operations in the last decades while providing logistics solutions to complex multinational supply demands.

Alucon Trading easily differentiates itself from the competition with its uniquely fast logistics processes while providing the most efficient procurements. Alucon Trading’s expert quality engineers supervises the entire process under Alucon Quality Management System. Each process gets assigned to a specific Quality Engineer in AQMS to ensure international quality standards are met as well as specific client demands from production to client delivery end point.


Health and Safety 

Health and Safety is not only a legal obligation but a conscious responsibility for Alucon. Our top priority is to ensure that our employees conduct their job safely and return to their families healthy. Our company closely follows up the development in Health and Safety sector and equips its employees with the best equipments.

Alucon Group strongly considers waste management processes for the future of our world. And takes highest grade, non-obligatory precautions completely initiated by its own conscious not by legal enforcement. Therefore, group companies are enforced to consider and select -if it is applicable the most nature friendly and recyclable materials to protect Mother Earth.


Management System Policy

To adopt to fully meet customer expectations as a basic policy, to implement an effective and efficient management system in order to reach the targets, to use the necessary resources effectively in line with the principle of continuous improvement.

Ensuring the participation of all employees in improvement activities for the purpose of analyzing and developing business processes, making this a natural behavior of employees,

To comply with these demands at the maximum level by producing solutions to customer demands,

To ensure the effective use of communication with the customer,

To complete the projects and responsibilities undertaken in accordance with the work schedule and technical specifications and to deliver them on time,

To use the modern and valid technology, information and management systems required by the age and not to avoid the necessary research and investments for this purpose,

Legal regulations, mandatory standards of the country of employment, to comply with the applicable laws and regulations regarding occupational health and safety as well as the environment,

Ensuring that wastes are separated and evaluated at their source by giving importance to recycling,

To prevent waste in the consumption of energy and natural resources,

To ensure that the employees comply with the laws, the methods and principles of Quality, Occupational Health, Occupational Safety and Environmental Management Systems.

To increase efficiency by minimizing the repetition and repair rate,

To act with the awareness of the responsibility of being ALUCON personnel in every step taken and all decisions taken.

To contribute to the increase of RESPECT, which has been gained with the work done and the achievements, without damaging it.